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30 Day Endorphins Program

Given our good old friend Covid19 and social distancing orders, 2020 as the year of prioritizing fitness and my health has come to a screeching halt. I have been quarantining with family outside the Hudson Valley for the last two months and have quickly realized that in my last 8 years of living away from them (college and after), my eating and general life habits are VASTLY different then how I was raised. The stress from lack of routine and vast amounts of spanish food have resulted in a double chin and me going up a pant size. In the grand scheme of everything going on in the world I would call this a small price to pay however I have been trying to go back to focusing on my mental and physical health. 

For the first month and a half, I was attempting to use Nike Run Club and do a 5k 2-3 times a week. This would be my time to clear my head, de-stress, step away from family and get some sort of movement in. If you’ve ever been to suburban/rural NY, it’s ALL HILLS and as someone who hates running this has pure torture and results in me walking alot of uphill while “running” down hills. Earlier this month I moved to the “acceptance” phase of this whole isolation thing and realized fitness classes aren’t opening up anytime soon in NYC and I gotta do something about this so I downloaded Obe while I wait. Classpass does have “on demand” classes however there library is fairly small and I didnt want to use my hard earned credits on online classes so decided it would be best to save those for when studios re-opened (or a nice massage). For the price of $30 I get unlimited access to all of Obe’s virtual library and live classes so have started their 30 Day Endorphins Challenge which is 26-45 minute classes for 30 days. The program aims to boost your mood and put a smile on your phase through high energy, fun classes. This sounded like just what I need for this month and though the workouts are  alot less intense then what I am used to 30 days straight will be a challenge so decided to give it a try and document it on a weekly basis. For ease, I will be following the same format as studio reviews and am doing each day with the actual day of the month so started on Monday May 4th w/ Day 4. This means I did skip Days 1-3.

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