Year of Fitness: Laughing Lotus

DISCLAIMER: I was a lazy blob last week and didn’t feel like doing anything so this is actually archived from pre-covid last December. I am a big fan of Laughing Lotus and they are doing online classes throughout all of this, however wanted to start off in the write foot and be consistent. The photo is also from their old studio 🙂 

  • Studio Name/Class: Laughing Lotus Soul Sweat at Flatiron with Matty
  • Activity Type: Yoga
  • Total Calories Burned: 297
  • Average/Highest Heart Rate (measured through Garmin VivoSmart 3) 99bpm (142 high)
  • Skill level needed (i.e how beginner friendly is it): Intermediate 

Quick thoughts?

I’ll preface by saying this is one of my 2 go-to yoga spot and their new studio is incredible! 

Classes at Laughing Lotus tend to take a similar format regardless of the level so they always start with the instructor going over their week and discussing practices they’ve learned before going into 3 quick OM. For whatever reason I tend to not be a fan of the yoga chants so its nice that this is usually the extent of this at any class. They then go into floor/plank sequences where every time you do it there is a slight variation or something is added on which is really nice. This seamlessly transitions into going through your typical vinyasa poses such as warriors, diver, tree pose, three legged dog, ect. This “section” is probably the bulk of the class and where it gets the name sweat. I will go out there and say I am not someone who is body confident and I was in a t-shirt with matching leggings/sports bra and was on the warmer side. It wasn’t bad enough that it was debilitating but I noticed alot of other people changed to the sports bra/legging combo all of which where different sizes and shapes and one thing I applaud about the LL community is as someone who isn’t confident in their body I was able to feel ok enough to do this. I checked myself on why did I care and did get through this section in my sports bra before putting my shirt back on for the seated portion (small victories!). This section of the class is where they allow you to play around with inversion and fun yoga tricks. Again another thing I love about laughing lotus is the option is there but it’s not intimidating which makes it fun to play around with your body and challenge yourself (I definitely have taken a few face plants while playing with crow pose). The class then goes into typical wheel and shavasana.  

Can’t wait to return after quarantine is over!

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