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If you want an 8 word summary of this section it’s “My unsolicited opinion of NY studios on ClassPass”. I LOVE ClassPass and have been a user on and off since 2015. If you are unfamiliar with ClassPass, it’s almost like a Gym Membership for independent Fitness Studios. You sign up for a plan and have an allocated number of credits you can use every month at different studios. I use this in addition to my gym membership and am on the cheapest plan where I pay $49 a month for roughly 27 credits (anywhere from 2-6 classes w/ some free options). 
Having been a member for a while, I have my go-to studios for different activities so I want to challenge myself to take full advantage and explore different studios. One way I want to hold myself accountable of this is by writing posts on experiences at studio. Hopefully this will keep this fun, provide some insight for people looking to visit these studios and motivate me to stay fit. This is obviously highly subjective and I have no qualifications for any of this so let me put a small warning on my fitness preferences. 

Disclaimers: First off, I consider myself an out of shape intermediate when it comes to fitness classes. I have always been on the larger side and would never call myself “fit” but I know what I am doing and can push myself to follow along while dying. Second is fitness preference – I grew up as a Cardio/Strength athlete, I was a competitive swimmer and a collegiate rower. I naturally prefer high intensity and high energy sports so I have a STRONG preference towards HIIT, Rowing, Boxing and classes that generally have me moving alot. On the opposite end of the spectrum are classes like Barre and Pilates. These are incredibly difficult and a good workout but I personally have a hard time concentrating and don’t enjoy those classes as much. Some notable one-offs to those preferences is I do really enjoy vinyasa and I hate Cycling/Spin. That is my general bias on these and I think when giving an opinion (cause that’s all this is) it is imperative to state that. As for the format, I am still playing around with it a bit but key pieces of information I will try to include before going into my thoughts are: 

  • Studio Name/Class
  • Activity Type:
  • Total Calories burned (started in January when I was wearing Garmin VivoSmart 3, I have since upgraded to apple watch)
  • Highest Heart Rate: (started in January when I was wearing Garmin VivoSmart 3, I have since upgraded to apple watch
  • Skill level needed (i.e how beginner friendly is it):
  • Quick Thoughts?:

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