Year of Fitness: Sage Fitness

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Similar to Laughing Lotus, I have to be honest that is is a go-to studio for me and I actually didn’t book this through ClassPass since they have been temporarily off of ClassPass through Covid however I have been periodically going to them since June 2019 through ClassPass. I have to commend these guys on what good looks like in this new normal. They quickly started doing park workouts which are by suggested donation over the summer and where killing it. This was my first taste of fitness after being in my upstate cave and the classes where great! They are still doing Park Classes at Astoria Park and LIC Park however since I am a wimp when it comes to the cold weather, I have been purchasing their week 3pass which is good for 14 days after purchasing! The one really hard thing about this (and any indoor class) is that you need to have a mask on the entire time which makes it very very difficult to breath when working out (very small price to pay)

  • Studio Name/Class: SAGE Fitness Tone and Tempo
  • Activity Type: HIIT
  • Total Calories Burned: 482
  • Average/Highest Heart Rate (measured through Apple Watch): 157bpm (192bpm high)
  • Skill level needed (i.e how beginner friendly is it): Intermediate

Quick thoughts

As I said above, I’m no stranger to this studio and I have had great experiences. I will say I have done park workouts and their in studio classes and they draw a bit of a different crowd. Park workout is definitely more inviting while with all experience levels while the in class workouts are more of the regulars who know their whole spiel. That being said the instructor was super helpful and put a major focus on form and technique which I think is so important in order to be sustainable. This isn’t your loud and rowdy HIIT gym which I really appreciate since everyone is so focused on their workout which I think makes it less intimidating.

This particular class was a smaller group of about 4 which felt super safe since they have a pretty large facility and we where broken into 3 groups for 3 – 12 minute rounds where you had to finish the super set of exercises as many times through as possible and they ball parked anywhere from 3-5x. This took up the bulk of the class and for beginners, it’s alot less intimidating from EMOM workouts where you change exercises at the top of every minute. During the segments the instructor was doing a great job going through and correcting form and ensuring we had proper technique and this 36-40 minute block of time went by super quick. She had us keep our mats as we rotated through the 3 exercise blocks to stay as Covid-friendly as possible and we had to wipe down any and all equipment between rotations. Between these rotations is when you also see everyone facing away from each other to take sips of water. Once we went through the AMRAP set we closed off the class with a really short ab circuit.

All in all, I know for a fact I’m going to continue to go to this studio since its a great environment, local and a really good workout. Hopefully can squeeze in another 2 week class before we go in lockdown again! !!

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