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Wow, how are we already in April! The last few months have truly mushed together and as throughout most of this last year I have been searching for any creative outlet I can find and most recently that took it’s form in making screensavers for my work desktop. 

As a late twenties New York/Southern New Englander I am a sucker for stationary and organization. My Lily Pullitzer is my professional lifeline and filled in with gel pen on all my meetings and calls. I am that gal who also needs a clean desktop with everything organized, typed and labeled so I am able to find everything at the press of a button. I had found these desktop wallpapers incredibly helpful in college since most of my workload was digital and I had come across one on Pinterest last March from and thought it was great! Though I don’t use the files much, the idea of having both a calming landscape and calendar easily available on my desktop was fantastic and it looked so aesthetically pleasing. Come April I was going to look for a new one when I thought to myself that this was so tedious and decided to just make my own with some color patch google searches, color matching sites and Pixlr. I’m honestly not mad at how they came out so I thought I would share them. These are by no way perfect and the spacing is absolutely a little wonky in places but this was such a fun and different way to play with graphics and be creative. 

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