Year of Fitness: Sass Class

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  • Studio Name/Class: SassClass Fierce Feminine Hip Hop
  • Activity Type: Dance
  • Total Calories Burned: 295
  • Average/Highest Heart Rate (measured through Apple Watch): 125bpm w/ 160 high
  • Skill level needed (i.e how beginner friendly is it): Easy
  • ClassPass Credits: 10 normally but got for 5 (a single credit cost anywhere from $2.50 – $1.99 depending on plan)

Quick thoughts?

SassClass identifies themself as a women empowerment dance studio that strives to support you in unleashing expression. They have a variety of different classes ranging from Sexy Stilettos, Fierce Feminine Hip Hop, Neo-Burlesque Chairography and more.

This may sound like I disliked the class but I honestly had SO much fun and left feeling so re-energized and in a fantastic mood. I am going to disclaimer, my review is my experience in that given class on that given day so take it as a perspective and with a grain of salt. To preface – I have been to a few dance classes before and would regularly go to Zumba a few years ago but my dance ability is a flailing gumpy. To say I have two left feet and no rythm is an understatement – add minimal self confidence to this and we are in for a fun experience! I am all about cutesy gym clothes with my little Lulu tanks that are pretty fitted however with dance classes – I realize I feel most confident in fun/colorful pants with looser top and given my hair is my security blanket, I tend to put it half up. I have a bunch of old cropped tshirts that where my dance workout shirts since it fit that uniform but they are all a little tight at the moment so I threw on an old tank t-shirt from my sisters sorority. Its definitely a looser fit and on the long side and I felt so frumpy as everyone was in a sports bra/legging combo or crop top and jeans so I immediately felt out of place and like I was sticking out. When you are a flailing gumpy, sticking out is the last thing you want to do, and there was no way I was going to be in just my sports bra so I pulled the old 90’s trend of twisting the back of my tshirt and tucking it under itself (iykyk). I’d say this 80% solved the problem but also required alot of adjustments. ALL THIS INTERNAL AWKWARDNESS AND THE CLASS HASN’T EVEN STARTED.

Ok, time for the class to start and we are learning choreo for some song I had never heard of. Mistake #1 since I pick up on choreo by tying it to words and I didn’t know and couldn’t understand half of the words (oy – vay). I’d say as a complete, uncoordinated beginner the choreography wasn’t awful and the teacher was fantastic. The whole dance was maybe 1/4 of the song (complete guess since I don’t know the song) and she would have us do a few beats at a time. She would run us through the moves slowly before speeding it to real time and eventually adding the music. Once she added music, we would run in again with music ~2 times and then she would answer any confusion before moving on (and boy was there alot of confusion). We would continue this through most of the class and eventually when we had enough choreo down – we would break up into two groups to spread out and try it so we would have enough space to really try. At this point, we where able to video ourselves doing the routine (I opted for no because I don’t want to see how stupid I looked).

All in all the class was super fun and the studio was VERY friendly and encouraging. Though I am sure I looked so dumb and would completely blank when we would do the breakout groups, I felt like I was able to some-what get the choreo down by the end. Most importantly, I left feeling so energized and refreshed. Dancing is such a fun way to release stress and always puts me in a fantastic mood. I really enjoyed the vibe and feel of the studio and. though I looked and felt like such an imposter, the class overall was super fun and a great reminder to not take yourself too seriously.

Will I recommend this studio and dance classes to a friend – YES! Will I go again – YES. Only recommendation is I am going to try and pick a class where I know the song prior (luckily they announce songs on IG at the beginning of the week). As for Covid Friendliness – I give them a 5 star. The class was pretty crowded, however NY is open back up. With that they had markers on the floor on where to stand so we are 6ft apart and everyone continued to wear masks. The overall studio felt very clean and it appears they where using one studio at a a time.

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