Year of Fitness: Sweat440

  • Studio Name/Class: Sweat440 – Warrior Total Body Conditioning
  • Activity Type: HIIT
  • Total Calories Burned: 435
  • Average/Highest Heart Rate (measured through Apple Watch): 171bpm w/ 189 high
  • Skill level needed (i.e how beginner friendly is it): Moderate/Advanced
  • ClassPass Credits: 11 normally but got for 5 (a single credit cost anywhere from $2.50 – $1.99 depending on plan)
Photo Courtesy of Sweat 440 website

Quick thoughts?

It’s hard to discuss my experience at Sweat440 without discussing their “motto”.

“SWEAT440 is a dynamic 40 minute workout class…designed for everyone, from the beginner to seasoned fitness fanatics looking for an effective and efficient exercise routine in only 40-minutes. With HIIT and cross-training classes beginning every 10 minutes, SWEAT440 aims to elevate the boutique fitness industry by combining the motivational mindset of small group training with the convenience of workout times that best fit each individual.”

The concept is AWESOME and in big cities where you are relying on public transportation or traffic, this is absolutely genius!

I can’t tell you how many times I have checked Google Maps and set arrive by to get to a studio 15 minutes before the start of a class to still manage to get there 10-15 minutes late due to delays on the subway. This is typically after the allocated grace period meaning I am completely out of luck. With new classes starting every 10 minutes, their #neverlate idea is fantastic. That being said, the way they are able to make a profit and achieve this goal is not that beginner friendly as there is little guidance.

Since I am in NY – I happened to go to the Sweat440 out in Chelsea which is in the basement of a small building in the heart of Chelsea. I managed to get there a few minutes early and walk in to this super cool looking fitness studio with incredibly fit and gorgeous people working out and various large tv screens everywhere (it was VERY intimidating, to say the least).

One of the 2-3 coaches they had on the floor was on double duty manning the front desk so she signed me in and had me create an account on one of the giant televisions. After doing so, she added me to the class that was about to begin in 2-3 minutes. The main lockers where in the general area so I quickly locked up my belongings and jumped into class.

In order to start classes every 10 minutes, Sweat440 is structured by 4×10 minute blocks where each group in that 10 minute section starts at block 1 so there is a constant rotation and it looks like there can be up to 9 people on a block . Each block had 3 exercises that we would rotate across for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest. Right before my block starts, the coach basically says find your name on the TV for your block and follow along. The TV(s) in your block has a loop of what the 3 exercises look like and shows your name on top of what exercise you should be doing along with a timer. Without going through every exercise in the class, I happened to look at the screen and be told to start on the agility ladder so I did the agility ladder for 40 seconds before the break bell rang and I was moved to bosu ball sit up to squat jumps. Once that was over I had a medicine ball exercise and repeated the sequence 3x before having minute to wipe the equipment down and move to the next block to repeat the pattern with a different group of exercises. Overall it was a great workout and we where set up to use a combination of different toys, ranging from the agility ladder I previously mentioned to skiiers, trx machine, rowers and the AssaultBike which was really enjoyable.

The class was great but I would caution away from fitness beginners due to the structure. This is a very self taught class where you are following along with television screens to show you the exercises. Since classes are constantly starting and they have very few coaches, the coaches are unable to show you what the exercises look like and they aren’t fully able to ensure you are doing the exercises right which I’m sure can be VERY overwhelming if you are not fully comfortable at a gym. I think if you are someone like me who is completely out of shape at the moment but has that underlying knowledge the class is great. I think it does a great job at catering towards people across various levels of their fitness journey since all of the exercises can be made as easy/difficult as you would want by adjusting intensity/speed/weight. Would absolutely go again!

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