Year of Fitness: Crossfit Hoboken

  • Studio Name/Class: Crossfit Hoboken Olympic Platform 1 (PM)
  • Activity Type: Crossfit
  • Total Calories Burned: 491active calories
  • Average/Highest Heart Rate (measured through Apple Watch): 158bpm w/ 191 high
  • Skill level needed (i.e how beginner friendly is it): Moderate/Advanced
  • ClassPass Credits: 8 normally but got for 2 (a single credit cost anywhere from $2.50 – $1.99 depending on plan)

Quick thoughts?

Being able to take this class is exactly what I love most about ClassPass. I was dogsitting my cousins doggo last week while she was away and by Thursday I was going a little stircrazy (to say the least) so I decided to hop on classpass and look for a nearby studio and came across Crossfit Hoboken.

I have not done Crossfit in a WHILE and my knowledge of Crossfit is minimal to say the least. My current main gym may be mistaken as “Crossfit” if you walk by but in reality it is more cross functional training. It definitely has elements of CrossFit but it is pretty different in the way it is structured. I realize Crossfit can get a back rep as it has that petal to the metal mentality and does not focus on technique however I commend this studio for the focus on technique they had.

Let’s jump into my experience – when I am feeling a little apprehensive about a workout, I like to arrive early to get my bearings and “mentally prepare” so you don’t have to jump right in. I arrive at this gym which is above this warehouse looking building and it is a HUGE facility that had ZERO ventilation. I immediately got severe flashbacks of my college rowing days where our erg room was an old racquetball court so it would get incredibly stuffy. It would get so bad that the women’s team would force our coach to have us do our erg tests before the men’s team since it was a sweaty sauna once they where done. They had information posters on nutrition and recovery all over the walls and the session finishing up before me was all very intense looking men (think GTL, full on bro club). Here walks in incredibly unintimidating, very out of shape me in my Lulu Lemon align leggings with matching tank top. Obviously I immediately felt VERY out of place.

Intimidation aside, the coach was fantastic and this was by no means a read on the studio. I think crossfit just generally attracts this sort of environment and if you are from New York, you know the Hoboken/New Jersey type I’m talking about so really it should have come as no surprise. And if you aren’t from the area, think Jersey Shore…. they take gains VERY seriously. We quickly chatted and he signed me in and gave me a quick layout of the space and I waited for class as the previous class emptied out.

 Our objective is to help you become a more functional, independent human being, with a baseline of health and wellness that can extend to any physical endeavor.

Finally I get to the point class started and it was alot! My class was about 5 in this MASSIVE studio and I will commend them for how covid safe everything was. Our class for the day was a 30 minute AMRAP where we where looking to get 2-4 rounds. It was about 4-5 “exercises” that required minimal equipment (just 1 set of dumbells and a kettlebell) and we where repeating high rep loads. Given it was insanely hot in the studio he suggested we break it down into sizable chunks of 10-20 reps at a time so we sustain the workout. This class was difficult and I’m shocked at how low both my max heart rate and average heart rate where. By no means are these low heart rates was what he called a chipper since there where alot of reps so I am shocked my average heart rate and max heart rate are so low since I could have sworn I was going to throw-up during the class at least once. We did a warm up, some foam rolling and then jumped into the 30m AMRAP workout where we where hoping to get 2-4 rounds in. I was able to complete ~3 so solid middle performance. After that, we completed a quick warm up and where on our way!

Similar to my last post, I would say this class is probably not the most beginner friendly and was definitely pretty intimidating walking into but all in all I was able to “figure it out” without dying and the coach was great. I will say I am VERY shocked that my heart rate only went up to 191 as there where multiple times I felt like I was going to throw up during that workout. Would I go again – maybe? It was a good class but not my jam.

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