Year of Fitness: Rumble Boxing

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  • Studio Name/Class: Rumble Boxing NY
  • Activity Type: Boxing
  • Total Calories Burned: 432 active calories
  • Average/highest Heard Rate (measured through Apple Watch: 155bpm average w/187 high
  • Skill level needed (i.e how beginner friendly is it): Moderate/Advanced
  • Class Pass Credits: 14 credits (a single credit cost anywhere between $2.50-1.99 depending on plan)
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Quick Thoughts

Truth be told this isn’t my first Rumble rodeo and whether its cause I like the class or because there aren’t the greatest options on ClassPass I keep coming back. I had a brief “fling” with boxing back in 2018 where I would take weekly classes at my gym for a solid few months and since then I have on and off taken classes so stepping into Rumble I have to preface that I did have a very base level understanding of the sport.

By nature boxing is a little more technical and may fall more into the “sport” and “technique” category than some of your other workouts. If we were to rank trendy fitness classes in terms of cardio intensity I’d say treadmill workouts, spin and rowing are at the top with boxing being right under. I’ve attached my workout data so looking at that there is no denying it was a great workout where I was able to achieve an 80% average intensity however it was a very sustainable difficult (i.e I could recover and workout the next day without difficulty).

Let’s jump into the experience – if you have never been to a Rumble studio, they are just all in all really cool. When you walk in – very similar to spin you are assigned a number and that is your station for the duration of class. Alot of the studio decor is very similar with a wall of boxing gloves and iconic celebrities filling up the space. They usually have lockers both outside and inside the locker rooms and the inside your locker you can find more celebrities in the form of newspapers (really fun and retro vibe). The locker rooms were super nice and for early morning fitness folks, it had all the amenities to easily be able to get ready for work.

It’s group fitness for the individual. We believe in the power of coming together to fight for a collective goal, but we also celebrate what it means to be unique. Rumble was created to shake up the stale norms of the group fitness world, and we remain committed to less cheesy fitness B.S. and more authenticity. Let’s be real. Let’s be powerful. And let’s do it all with some style and grace.

Now that we have gotten passed the door, it’s time for class (hopefully you remember your number). The class is broken up to 10 “rounds” that are split between the bags and weights and last ~3 minutes. In between those rounds you also will have some challenges. When you get to class you will usually do a quick warm up going through the punches before jumping into it. I will say they do give pretty brief introduction to punches but it’s fairly brief. First three rounds of class are really going to be focused on mastering the 6 core punches and doing short combination works. After your time on the bag, the entire class switches to the other side of the room, where you have a station filled with weights and other equipment. For the next three rounds we are at weights doing lunges, squats, v-ups and combination of various standard exercises before returning to the bag for your final 2 rounds. These rounds will usually be catered to playing with earlier combinations and going to power or strength mode before doing a “finisher” and switching one more time.

All in all, it is very beginner friendly and overall just a fun class if that is what you are looking for. Would I ever switch to have boxing as my main fitness class – likely not but its a really good class to have in my rotation to keep things fresh.

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