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The Frame TV. How can you not find this gorgeous.

Being honest, I’m not the biggest TV watcher – call it undiagnosed ADHD, lack of any addictive gene to get hooked on a show or just general disinterest but I’m that annoying person who will be scrolling through my phone while watching a movie. Since I’m not usually paying full attention, I can just as easily watch something on my phone, ipad, projector or television (no discrimination). My current place has a television in the living room but usually I opt for any of the other options so as I begin to visualize my new space, it’s been a real internal battle on how necessary a TV ACTUALLY is.

My new space is tiny and I want to make it look good but also be personal so do I really want some giant eye-sore television screen taking up space in my studio apartment (no – the answer is no). The Frame, though very pricey just seems like the best option as I consider ideas.

I’m including my favorite inspiration pictures to fall back on from scouring the web and Pinterest (I’ve attempted to tag who I hope is the original source) but my idea is to create a mixed media gallery wall where I incorporate elements that are deeply personal to me including a pencil sketch and picture of the houses both of my parents grew up in as well a recreation of a painting I had hanging in my childhood room I took of my sister while visiting Tuscany. The overall “theme” of the apartment will be very natural meets Mediterranean color pops so still looking for how I can incorporate this vibe into the wall (will report back) but I have some time so why not create the mood board of sorts.


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